That to this…

I envision and hope for my final thesis to be equal parts creative and analytical.  Kinda like me.   In three short weeks, I have eliminated 4 of my original 5 potential thesis topics.  Replaced one of the eliminated topics with a completely (sorta) new topic .  And, most recently, have managed to combine the […]

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Laura’s Digital Notebook Entry

After a productive conversation with Alan last week, I was able to narrow my five potential thesis ideas down to two.  Yea!  Progress… The next day, a powerful exploratory writing exercise in class confirmed that the “one that scares me” idea needs to remain on the list.  For now.   However, my “selfish” prospect of […]

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Master of None??

In the required entrance essay to Kean’s Master’s program I rambled on about how I always thought of myself as a sort of “Jack of all trades” and that completing this degree would qualify me as a “Master of one…”  So, here I am.  The beginning of the end of my journey.  I’m not surprised […]

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