Weird Things Happen Sometimes

A weird thing happened.  I was looking through a binder that belonged to my father (in it, he kept a detailed record of his battle and recovery from prostate cancer, which was deemed as being caused by agent orange during Vietnam) when I came across an out-of-place piece of paper.  Apparently, my father was teaching […]

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The “tank” wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be.  I hated that I read my “pitch” but I got the job done.  The panel was more than generous for giving up their time to assist us and it was obvious many of them had read up on our theses beforehand. A […]

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Excited About Thesis Tank!

Stolen Memories: A Post 9/11 Memoir From Beyond (Working Title) By: Laura Lopez My project is an experiment in genre-blending storytelling that pushes the boundaries between the classic memoir and historical fiction.  I intend to explore the implications of mode and memory on character and plot development through the creation of a series of fictionalized […]

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After the Rain

Thursday night’s guest speaker was amazing! Barbara Ganley is truly inspiring and gave me some great advice for my project.  “Just write the thing” was spot-on.  I’d been delaying it for some time, not sure if I was “ready” and already burdened with more than enough research reading to catch up on. I think it […]

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Reading, Research & Other Stuff

This week has been a whirlwind…and it’s not over yet…. It was a thrill to “Virtually Connect” with the DML conference last week.  A great big thanks to Henry Jenkins and Kim Jaxon and ALL of the participants for taking the time to “meet” with us.  And to our professors for continually providing us with […]

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Thinking things through…

I feel like I’m at a good place with regard to my thesis development.  There’s just the right amount of tension/stress/anxiety and a load of excitement/enthusiasm/energy.  There are still, however, a bunch of questions.   I struggle with trying to define the genre of my piece.  Should I call it historical autofiction? Faction? Fictionalized memoir? […]

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