Weird Things Happen Sometimes

A weird thing happened.  I was looking through a binder that belonged to my father (in it, he kept a detailed record of his battle and recovery from prostate cancer, which was deemed as being caused by agent orange during Vietnam) when I came across an out-of-place piece of paper.  Apparently, my father was teaching himself new vocabulary words. I’m curious as to whether the words came from a particular book he may have been reading or were words he simply stumbled upon.  My father kept lists of EVERYTHING!!!  His little office was filled with binders and binders of records.  He kept logs of the amount of time he spent doing things each day including, ironically, “time spent logging other things.”  Quirky is an understatement for my father.  Well, there was one particular word that caught my attention:  SERENDIPITY.  So strange to see that word – out of literally all the other words in the world – written in his handwriting. Honestly, all of the words kind of freak me out a little.  Read the definitions carefully I feel as though they are somehow “speaking to me.”  


Another weird thing happened….

Yesterday, I  asked my mom (again) if she has anything else that I might be able to use for my project and she said, “You wouldn’t want this, would you?” as she held up a little green book.  “What’s that?”

“Oh, I dunno, I think some of his co-workers wrote some things about him.”

Huh? Why have I never seen this before? What did they say about him?  Yes, I can use it!!!


The sentiments are as I would have expected (except for the one about the potato) – mentions of his deep faith in God, his kindness, and his eccentricity.

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