Scalar is a curious little program.  There are some cool features such as the “choose your path option,” but it took a long time for me to get the hang of it and I hit a few roadblocks which, thankfully I was able to around (eventually).  The site doesn’t allow large images so I ended up using the jpg links from wordpress which became quite tedious.  I made the link “live” for now, but not sure if worth pursuing.  If nothing else, it reminded me to keep thinking about how I want my final project to be “experienced.”  For now, I just added some easily-accessible creative commons images to get a feel for the thing….and I was toying around with having readers travel along the “real” path versus the “not real” path of my experience.  Still also interested in a reverse chronological order layout.  Also kind of fighting the urge to tell some of my story in traditional memoir form (maybe in yet another version??)

scalar image

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