OER 18 proposal has been submitted.  Check!

oer proposal

Proposal (Final 250 words)

Registered for Spring Thesis Seminar….last class for my thesis completion!!!  Check!

Lopez spring 2018 registration

This Thanksgiving was particularly nostalgic for me.  I got lost in hours of home videos.  For my own ease of reference, I’ve linked them below.  I realize I often make comments about my age and the earliest video (Thanksgiving 1991) I have proves it…retro wall phone and all!  The last video I have of my father is from Christmas 1999.  We couldn’t afford a video camera when I was growing up, so I only have videos of special occasions when my uncle came over with his camera.  

(dad at 7:20, & 9:25)

(dad at 6:30)

( Dad at 10:52)

(dad at 1:20)

(dad at 9:47)

(dad at 15:00)


Oh boy the accents!!  Staten Island..

2 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. There’s something about photographs and videos that’s difficult to name, an affective dimension that is about being haunted by the people we all were, who have had to make way entirely for the people we are now. When my daughters were babies, I used to think: for the adults they will become even to exist, these babies have to stop existing, they have to be completely overwritten. I think this is why we photograph babies and small children especially. But in the background of all of this, photographs of adult family members catch us unexpectedly with their capacity to haunt.

    Your blog is an extraordinary space, I hope you don’t mind that I pop back from time to time to see how your project is developing.


    1. Hi Kate! You’re so right about the “haunting” potential of old videos….for me it’s more the voices and accents than anything else. And thank you for popping back on to my site. I’d love for you check in now and again…and I do appreciate the feedback and support.


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