Putting the pieces together

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together!

heart puzzle

According to Alan’s handy countdown clock, I have 65 days until my thesis is due.  Yikes! (and yea!!)

says until thesis is due

Alan also made some great suggestions for starting to flesh out a timeline for myself…goals and whatnot to get me to the end. Love it!  Spring break, I believe, begins on March 30 (about 45 days from now??)…then we’re really in the homestretch….only 20 days after that.  Does that sound right? Ideally, I’d love to have this creative part done at least a couple of weeks before break so I can use that extra time off to work on the other parts wholeheartedly.

I’m feeling content with the general outline of “Conversations With My Father” (guess the title stuck). The beginning and end feel pretty solid and there’s a general outline of “threads” in-between – with a good chunk filled in.

I’ve been working on combining some of my existing written text with the artifacts over the past week. This task is somewhat time consuming and tedious, but satisfying to see it come together.  Lots formatting, resizing and cutting and pasting happening….

I need to work on adding some of the other methods of communication (text-messaging, social media posts, etc.) and complete some of unfinished threads. A little online exploration of text-messaging stories has been a good inspiration….as far as formatting, etc.

See below from wattpad

from wattpad texts

Also, the issue of how to “publish” remains to be seen…..

I was out with some friends on Friday night and the topic of my thesis came up.  Everyone keeps telling me that they can’t wait to read it (or see it on the big screen one day…haha!).  So, I let a friend read a few pages aloud. She did a great reading and they all had a tear in their eyes….now I admit, it may have had something to do with the alcohol involved, but it was a good feeling.  It was also quite helpful to hear the words read aloud (despite the also cringe-worthy-feeling of hearing my own words). I’m gonna do some more of this when I get a chance. 

I really do feel like I could spend forever writing this thing, but I understand that it needs to come to an end (for various obvious reasons)……soon!


3 thoughts on “Putting the pieces together

  1. That’s good to hear you got some (tear-filled) feedback from friends. It will be a powerful story, I am sure.

    FYI Kean’s Spring Break is the week of Mar 12… I guess you can choose which clock to go by.

    Wattpad looks like it works; as we have talked, how the mode is presented is not super critical as long as the reader sees how things change, even if typed out as block quotes. But like your previous modes, I see in the screen shot that you are writing with his and your voice together.


  2. Oh, the possible format we have been talking about is called “Double Side Books”; see examples:


    Or “Tête-bêche”


    or Dos-à-dos binding


    Although these seem to be ones where you read to the middle, flip over and read from there. What you might do is be able to have the flip done so it works fluidly in either direction


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