Reading, Research & Other Stuff

This week has been a whirlwind…and it’s not over yet…. It was a thrill to “Virtually Connect” with the DML conference last week.  A great big thanks to Henry Jenkins and Kim Jaxon and ALL of the participants for taking the time to “meet” with us.  And to our professors for continually providing us with […]

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Thinking things through…

I feel like I’m at a good place with regard to my thesis development.  There’s just the right amount of tension/stress/anxiety and a load of excitement/enthusiasm/energy.  There are still, however, a bunch of questions.   I struggle with trying to define the genre of my piece.  Should I call it historical autofiction? Faction? Fictionalized memoir? […]

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That to this…

I envision and hope for my final thesis to be equal parts creative and analytical.  Kinda like me.   In three short weeks, I have eliminated 4 of my original 5 potential thesis topics.  Replaced one of the eliminated topics with a completely (sorta) new topic .  And, most recently, have managed to combine the […]

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Laura’s Digital Notebook Entry

After a productive conversation with Alan last week, I was able to narrow my five potential thesis ideas down to two.  Yea!  Progress… The next day, a powerful exploratory writing exercise in class confirmed that the “one that scares me” idea needs to remain on the list.  For now.   However, my “selfish” prospect of […]

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Master of None??

In the required entrance essay to Kean’s Master’s program I rambled on about how I always thought of myself as a sort of “Jack of all trades” and that completing this degree would qualify me as a “Master of one…”  So, here I am.  The beginning of the end of my journey.  I’m not surprised […]

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