The Conversations Are Over

The moment has arrived.  This is it!  It has taken me four years to get here, but I am finally finished writing my thesis.  I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out (although I also ironically feel like I could continue working on it forever…there is sort of no end to this thing).  But, luckily, I graduate tomorrow.


Thanks, Alan, for everything!!!  You ROCK!!!

Mariss, Richonda, and Hailey – See you at the graduation!!!  Congrats!!! Best classmates ever!

I’ll miss you all. 🙂

Maybe the “conversation” isn’t over…maybe it has just begun……

Below is a link to my project site which includes the full thesis and the creative works.

Thesis links below:

Lopez, Laura Thesis 2018

Conversations With My Father

Conversations With My Daughter




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