Switching Gears

I was fortunate enough to have two snow days this week and, consequently, I have no idea what day of the week it is.  It feels like a Sunday night, but somehow tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! Woohoo!!!

It was a dream to have hours and hours to work on my thesis in the past few days.  I finally got both “versions” of my creative work in order.  I have a little more formatting and editing to do, but I am switching gears for now in exchange for continuing my work on the “scholarly” side of my thesis.

I decided to draft directly on the thesis outline document I created a while back and found it very satisfying to see it getting filled up.  First, I reworked both my abstract and introduction in light of some recent changes to the creative piece. Then, I jumped right into the reflective analysis section and honestly have no idea if what I am writing is “right.”  By this, I mean that it feels very un-scholarly.  We’ll see how it turns out.  Lastly, perhaps as a distraction from my writing, I played around with the online presentation of my final thesis.  It’s very bare-boned but helpful to start thinking about/visualizing.


2 thoughts on “Switching Gears

  1. I read the full composition on my flight last week, it’s wonderful to see it all together (I think you added the poems at the beginning, it works well to introduce the two voices). I wonder if it should end with something like that too, although your last sentence is so moving.

    I did wonder if in the print form if it would work better to put each letter/message on its own page, put a bit more sparse space between them, almost as punctuation. It would help I think to let the reader fill in those spaces, wonder. May be someway to use the date as a header on each page (or maybe represented in the format of a square of a calendar. Just tossing ideas.

    The Wixsite can certainly work to organize everything. I’m not quite as crazy about the anyflip, and would suggest if you use it, that you also make the story available as a downloadable PDF. Those kinds of tools tend to disappear over time, and I’d like to see your story in a more durable digital format (native web text or at least PDF).

    I’ll get in with some comments on the other parts very soon; don’t worry about sounding “scholarly” whatever that means.


  2. Thank for your feedback, Alan. I like the idea of spacing the correspondence. I’m going to make a copy of the doc and mess around. I hear you about the anyflip. I’m feeling the printed version of the whole thing a little more, anyway. Either way, there will be a pdf “out there.” Thanks for the heads up.

    For now, I’ll be plugging away at tackling the other parts of my thesis. 🙂


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